1. Look into the mirror and say to yourself: you are beautiful (or handsome if you are a man) simply unapolgetically appreciating yourself. Yoga Teacher Training Goa.jpg
2. Take 10 minutes a day and  give yourself a body massage: just stroke over your head, shoulders, arms, body, legs, feet. This is a tradition that comes from Ayurveda (Indian Healing Science) and is called Abyanga. It is very healthy for the body but also good to empower yourself as by massaging you are giving attention and love to yourself and your body. So often we want to change something about ourselve: gain or lose weight, longer or shorter legs whatever. Through doing this we start to relate and accept our physical bodies more. And loving yourself in this manner is highly empowering!
3. Stand up straight and roll your shoulders back and bring your chest forward! Emotions and the physical body are highly related. So instead of starting with feeling good which will affect the physical body we can start from the body. Simply rolling back your shoulders will make you feel much better and open
4. Do a laughing meditation: do a 5 minutes laughing meditation every day. It is highly releasing of stress and makes you feel so good about yourself. You will literally start and continue smiling the whole day

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Parimukti is an organisation dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every single individual who wants to explore this wonderful ancient techniques in-depth. Parimukti is a self -challenging growth oriented practice which will ultimately lead to a life transforming experience.


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