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Ishvara Pranidhana  written by Sophie Nusselder –

Success in the trance comes by complete surrender to God* 

Iswara Paranidhana means ‘surrender’. Practicing yoga helpes us realize we are not the masters of this universe. There is a wisdom and strength where everything comes from. In all major yoga philosophies surrender (bhakti) is regarded as the essence of the yogic path.

We can learn to have faith and trust in God (Iswara) and self-surrender to it (Pranidhana). Through dedication we become reminded of our connection to a higher power, something greater than ourselves. By doing this our yoga practice can become sacred and filled with grace, inner peace, and abounding love.


*Source: Four chapters of freedom: Swami Satyananada Saraswati

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Sophie Nusselder

My name is Sophie Nusselder. I started practicing and teaching yoga in 2008 and knew I started travelling a path that would change my life. Ever since my childhood I remember having a natural desire for physical movement. Born and raised on the Dutch countryside I loved to bike and hike in nature. The awareness of the breath in yoga made me connect with deeper layers. A fortification of magic in life! To me yoga means aligning. Yoga and meditation are tools to remove that what blocks me and allow space – the space of pure presence. By constantly returning to this space I discover what truth is and what is not. It’s direct communication, which results in pure clarity, free feelings, liberation and creativity. I experience yoga as a feeding of my deepest yearning, it creates challenges to develop myself and it works as a support in my inner pursuits.

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