10 Reasons how yoga helps overcoming lifestyle diseases.

Health is harmony.  When different systems like respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular etc function in harmony with each other then the body is healthy.  When different aspects of psyche like mind, emotions, intellect etc of person function in harmony then person is psychologically healthy.
Body and mind of a healthy person are in harmony.  This harmony can be disturbed due to different reasons.  Unhealthy lifestyle is one such reason.  If this harmony is disturbed beyond recovery it can cause diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, depression.  It can even trigger genetic disorders and give way to opportunistic infections.   Such disorders are lifestyle disorders.

1. Yoga can restore this harmony and cure many lifestyle related diseases.  This can happen without any medicine.  If person is taking any medicine, yoga can only helps it work better and eventually rendering it unnecessary.  However, yoga may not help if person continues to live unhealthy lifestyle.  Also, yoga can cure lifestyle related diseases if it is practiced in proper manner; example some yogic exercises are not intended for people suffering from blood pressure.   Doing those exercises can only worsen the disease.  Therefore yoga should be adopted as a targeted therapy only under an expert teacher.  This is particularly important when the disease is severe.  Yoga cannot help in medical emergencies or when rapidly acting therapy is required.

2. Yoga is a holistic therapy.  It works for all aspects of personality including body, mind, vital force etc. Effect of yoga is deeply transforming and long lasting.  Effect of yoga is broad.  For example yoga done for cardiovascular health not only works on heart but also all other parts of body that directly or indirectly relate to heart.  Because of it’s wider scope yoga therapy not only treats primary symptoms and causes of disease but also the secondary conditions and causes that are not so obvious.