This article consists of 4 parts. This is part 3. Written by Sophie Nusselder

Building a relationship with the self. Manjeet Manthur; one of the teachers of Parimukti is exploring this in meditations done by 2 persons.

Interview with Manjeet Mantur

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An interview with Manjeet Manthur

Abramović and Ulay had to break up after twelve years as they were busy to loose their selfhood and attempted to become one identity in their performances. They had to break up, and come over their attachment in order to have a healthy relationship with themselves.

In yoga philosophy, attachment is one of the causes of suffering, or obstacles to liberation (kleshas in sanskrit). Other obstacles to liberation are egoism, ignorance, aversion and clinging to life according to the second chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Sadhana Pada.

After living and working independent for more than 22 years the couple was ready to meet again; in Moma New York. Marina as the initiator of the performance; Ulay as participant.

In both; Abramović performance and the heart opening meditation with Manjeet, woman are the initiators of the exercise. I asked him why he used gender as a part of this meditation. Manjeet: “India knows a masculine culture with traits like competitiveness, aggression and giving importance to material things. The heart chacra in Shakti is more developed. That’s why Shiva can learn form Shakti in balancing his heart-based energy.

Being a woman myself I think we can all learn to integrate more femine traits in life, like sensitiveness, empathy and giving importance to life. Manjeet agrees. “In the end the essence of this exercise goes beyond gender qualities and emotions, like shyness, angriness, anxiousness, happiness etcetera. In heart meditations you cannot pretend anything. The only thing you can be is: real.”

Why is Manjeet so inspired by these meditations? Manjeet: “ When I started studying with Swami Hariprem in 2011, I was searching for a commitment in my life. These heart meditations made me surrender through my heart. I fell in love with myself; on a healthy way. For me it’s very interesting to meditate with a partner. Every meditation is different because, every time I have to observe how the person in front of me is affecting my presence. It has proved to be a very practical way to become more compassionate with myself and others”

What are the experiences of Mangeet’s students? In part 4 of this article you can read them all. 🙂











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