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By Sophie Nusselder

When we teach yoga we want to create a safe space where people can experience themselves in the moment. I have been teaching in beautiful well-lit cosy and warm yoga studios but also cold gymnasiums, public school classrooms, dark basements and dusty small rooms in community centres. These experiences got me thinking about how to create a sacred space for teaching yoga. And here they are:

1.No matter what the space, it is utmost important that you arrive ahead of time to shift the energy in that space so that the energy in the room is clear, peaceful and beautiful. You can do this in many ways. Come in and feel the room. Does the energy feel too heavy or extremely light and playful? Sit for a moment and mentally clear the space.
2.Bring colour and light where you think it’s needed. Your intuition will tell you which colours to bring in.
3.Burn a candle or light a touch of pure plant incense. If that is considered a fire hazard where you are, diffuse a high-grade essential oil. Please be sensitive for anyone who might have allergies by just burning or diffusing enough to shift the room’s energy. Therapeutic grade lavender is a calming and reassuring scent that is actually beneficial for those with allergies.
4.Ring chimes in every corner of the room. Call in the four directions. Sweep, physically and energetically.
5.Use any Feng Shui techniques you know, trust in the ability to move energy.
5.Sing mantras. Say a silent prayer. Call in your spiritual guides, angels, masters.
6.Bring in a flower or plant and set it somewhere important.
7.Bring in a picture or a statue of a deity or holy person who has importance for you.

After doing this, decide where and how the mats should be set up to provide comfort and harmony in the space and allow you to see all the students in one glance. Put music on, do your own sun salutations. Students will directly feel and be drawn in the energy the moment they step through your door… and after Savasana they won’t want to leave…


At the end of the session, thank the space, than any guides that had been with you throughout your class, humbly and in gratitude and respectfully close your sacred space.

Ps: I am a native Dutch speaker; so forgive me for any languages mistakes. I love learning, so teach me. Feedback is welcome:

*** Peace, love & freedom hugs – Sophie -***

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Sophie Nusselder

My name is Sophie Nusselder. I started practicing and teaching yoga in 2008 and knew I started travelling a path that would change my life. Ever since my childhood I remember having a natural desire for physical movement. Born and raised on the Dutch countryside I loved to bike and hike in nature. The awareness of the breath in yoga made me connect with deeper layers. A fortification of magic in life! To me yoga means aligning. Yoga and meditation are tools to remove that what blocks me and allow space – the space of pure presence. By constantly returning to this space I discover what truth is and what is not. It’s direct communication, which results in pure clarity, free feelings, liberation and creativity. I experience yoga as a feeding of my deepest yearning, it creates challenges to develop myself and it works as a support in my inner pursuits.

All points of view are welcome, even contradictory ones ? All we expect is that you put your point across in a civil manner.

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