free spirit

free spirit

My ego is pestering me. Since I gave myself this challenge to conquer Chaturanga I find my mind telling me to succeed and never give up until instructed! We have all had this in yoga. Sweat dripping into your eyes and you blindly look around the room to see who is going to give up first in order for it to be acceptable for you to fall out of the posture. This is not yoga. This is the monkey mind taking over. This is the evil ego.

My goal I have set myself is making me more competitive. Not with anyone else. I’m not naive, I know I will never hold plank longer than a 5 year old! I just mean that I am battling with myself. I need to be mindful that I don’t push myself when I’m shaking or sacrifice my breath in order to achieve the asana. This is not yoga.
I feel I’m learning more and more about what yoga is not. Im learning the practical and logical application of yoga. Yoga slowly eliminates the negative and toxic things in your life and leaves behind what we are all born with, purity and health of the mind and body. The physical asana practice gives you a way to access that every day, as the the cool kids say on instagram #yogaeverydamnday.

Then I wonder also, by achieving my goal is it just nourishing the ego and helping it grow?
I’ll have to let you know in a few weeks ūüėČ

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Angelica Carnell

Angelica was born and raised as an islander off the coast of Ireland and moved to Australia at the age of 17 with her family where she finished her education. She views yoga as a way to make peace with the mind and body and to help treat real modern day anxieties that become such huge obstacles in our lives.

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