Slowly, slowly we are getting ready for the upcoming season in Arambol, Goa. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers… uhm… Mandi actually 😉 the hall is ready. Very beautifully located in a quiet area in Arambol, in the fields behind ‘Double Dutch’ restaurant, for the insiders. As we build the hall on a rooftoop we see the sun rise when we start our morning meditation at 6.30am and observe the sun set around 6pm. Just waiting for the last rains to pass and then we can start practising!

Mandi working on Hall 1

Mandi working on hall 2

Mandi doesn’t mind getting sweaty 😉

Goa Hall 3

Our backyard

Goa Hall 2 Goa Hall 1

The Buddha is watching over you, so practice with right intention 🙂

View Goa Hall

Merel Martens

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center aiming to spread the beauty and benefits of yoga with everyone. For Merel, Yoga is awareness, both on the mat and in everyday life. Classes and teachings serve as an inspiration when stepping into daily life.

All points of view are welcome, even contradictory ones ? All we expect is that you put your point across in a civil manner.

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