Yesterday evening we spent a class chanting- learning pronunciation,the right intonation and how to harmonise. When the vibrations of sound connect with others it is amazing.

mantra chanting at parimukti

I think as a new teacher it can be quite confronting at times to just open up in front of people and let the sound flow. Once you let it happen it really brings a nice calmness and grounding to your practice and to your students. SAMSUNG CSCThen this afternoon we worked with each others bodies, we did some partner stretching

adjusting each other

and then finished with a gentle massage. yoga massaging feetIt was a really nice way to give to one another and also to get used to working with other people’s bodies, as a yoga teacher you need to be comfortable with it in order to adjust people confidently.


Angelica Carnell

Angelica was born and raised as an islander off the coast of Ireland and moved to Australia at the age of 17 with her family where she finished her education. She views yoga as a way to make peace with the mind and body and to help treat real modern day anxieties that become such huge obstacles in our lives.

All points of view are welcome, even contradictory ones ? All we expect is that you put your point across in a civil manner.

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