Today I feel more mentally stronger.  

I thought about how I used to feel a few months ago – For months I felt like my chest was caving in and my stomach was always bloated by stress and anxiety. My shoulders hunched up to my ears. I felt trapped. I’m so glad I quit my old job.


steps in dharamkot. they are so wide on purpose, so that horses can easily travel over them

Before when I used to wake up, for the first few minutes I am peaceful then when I become fully awake my mind starts going – thinking and fretting. But I feel much more tranquil these days my mind doesn’t go into that racing state.

My skin has also improved lately – I’ve always suffered from severe acne. And when I meditate and do yoga my skin completely clears up. I think there is no specific scientific research done – but i’m living proof, it works! 


not my face but skin of my feet is just as clear 😉

I have been on so much medication the past 5 years for my skin and now i’m not on any and my skin has never been better. Having bad skin SUCKS especially when your a teenager. The best way to naturally balance those hormones is through yoga. 


a totally random card game on our day off,

I feel more sociable. When I was living in Scotland sometimes I felt I was becoming anti social and I kept trying to snap out of it by joining groups and going out socialising more. I used to really have to make an effort to talk to people. I used to feel drained after it. But here I feel conversation flows freely because i’m with like minded people. I don’t even have to try – I actually find it hard to shut up. 

Also i’ve realised silence while sitting with company is nice and when you feel comfortable in that silence. You don’t always have to talk.

Jenna 🍀

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