To work at his best, the mind and the body need to be balanced. According to Ayurveda, disease comes from imbalances and are psychosomatic. That means body and mind are always involved both, working together and have to be considered as a whole in the process of healing and health. Our senses and our actions are oriented by our mind and intellect. Too much or not enough stimulation can lead to imbalance.

A word about emotions: we should better understand our emotions rather than always express or suppress them. The very fact of understanding our emotions, transforms and releases them.

  • Search for the cause of the disturbing emotions, which lead to pain and emotional injuries, pertubating the mind
  • Get regular massages as that helps to release blocked emotions
  • Remind to relax! Have one moment of relaxation, one moment of silence per day
  • Keep a loving attitude & loving thoughts towards yourself
  • Realize who you areSchermafbeelding 2015-10-08 om 10.28.17
  • Accept yourself the way you are
  • Respect yourself
  • Practice meditation, which helps to understand our relationship with ourselves and others

The pressure of modern lifestyle keep us away from who we really are. Therefore we are usually conscious of why and how we react and are we not always aware of our attitudes: whether they are appropriate or not, if they help our well-being. That’s the reason why meditation is such an important and beneficial ‘tool’ to calm the mind and try to understand, to be conscious of who we really are.

Yoga or massages and meditation can open the centers of energy, the chakras, and increase concentration, focus, vitality and health. The purpose of meditation practice is to find that inner peace. The progressive relief of the mind, the reflection, relaxation  can be reached with help of external object of concentration on an object or symbol, or an internal object (spirit /concept), by focusing on this object. Then a better state of consciousness allows us to make conscious choices instead of the old patterns. Meditation is the ultimate step leading to balance that allows the purification of the soul.


Azuka Muse

Azuka is a yogi, dancer, teacher, an artist. Gymnast in her childhood, Azuka got injured at the age of ten and was forced to stop competition. This did not stop her urge for moving and explored many forms of dancing such hip-hop, ballet, modern, contemporary dance and flamenco. She pursued a career as professional dancer for several companies and directed a few shows on her own with which she travelled France and abroad. Since a few years she found the philosophy and practice of Yoga, and creative by nature she introduced her own Yoga Style: Organic Flow Yoga which is a vinyasa flow asana practice inspired by Martial Arts, Organic Movement, and Music. For 2015, she plans to deepen her studies and will join the Parimukti Holistic Yoga Therapy course with Merel Martens, continuing earning about Human Nature, Spiritual Growth, and Unconditional Love

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