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What are the Trainings offered by Parimukti Yoga?

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance certified month long registered Yoga Teacher Training certification course in Goa India

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance certified six week long registered Yoga Teacher Training certification course in Goa India

Yoga Therapy Training

An in-depth Yoga Therapy Training to enable you to teach yoga and meditation as therapeutic tools

Online Therapy Training

An in-depth Yoga Therapy Training that you can do from your own home on your own schedule which will enable you to teach yoga and meditation as therapeutic tools

Meditation Retreat

A deep inner relaxation inducing meditation retreat conducted by Merel and Paul in Portugal

Parimukti Ethos

Parimukti Yoga School is dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every single individual who wants to explore this wonderful ancient science in-depth. Parimukti Yoga is the path to freedom through realisation of our being. Using the teachings and practices of the yoga tradition we go on an explorative journey to understanding the nature of our body-mind, and investigate the relationship between us and others. Gaining clarity about our conditioned beliefs allows us to live in freedom and joy.

Parimukti is a yoga alliance registered Yoga school

RYS 200 Registered Yoga School

Parimukti is a yoga lliance registered 300 hrs Yoga school

RYS 300 Registered Yoga School

Teaching yoga is an art fuelled by your authenticity and creativity. Your personal practice and realisations that follow from that spark your inner teacher and sharing with others will come naturally.

Parimukti acknowledges and emphasizes that every student, and teacher, has his or her own unique presence, energy, and teaching style. We provide an environment for your learning and practice process, where Yoga will be presented and practiced in depth.

In our teacher training programs, we proceed from the physical body (asanas/body postures) to the energy body, and the mind. The Parimukti 200 hours Teacher Training, together with the Parimukti 300 hours Teacher Training is what gives you the foundational ground, connection and steadiness, enabling you to explore the endless possibilities of life and your own personal path.

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Buy various yoga related essentials

Essential Yoga Therapy by Merel Martens

Essential Yoga Therapy: A beginner’s guide to applying yoga therapy

If you’ve heard about the amazing power of yoga therapy but never knew how to get started, this is the book for you. This is finally a book that fully explains the benefits of yoga therapy using yoga, physiology, and a deep understanding of the body-mind connection.

Yoga Teacher Training Manual

This is one of the best comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Manuals that you can buy. It is a combination of the 200 hours, 300 hours and Yoga Therapy Training manual used at the Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training Manual.

Meet our Teachers

Our Teachers Team at Parimukti
Merel Martens

Merel Martens

Founder / Lead Trainer

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center aiming to spread the beauty and benefits of yoga with whomever is open and motivated to learn, and not afraid to honestly reflect at oneself. For Merel, Yoga is awareness, both on the mat and in everyday life. Classes and teachings serve as an inspiration when stepping into daily life. Realizing that everyone starts with a different background and expectation she combines different practices to make them accessible and beneficial to all. Moreover Merel has personally experienced that integration of different practices such as pranayama, asana, and meditation can deeply heal the physical and mental body, which will ultimately make daily life more simple and beautiful.

Merel is known for her open mind and perceptiveness to the varying needs of different students. Always being aware of where any individual student is, she adjusts the teachings smartly; turning the teaching into an art. The foundation of anything she does is trust, reliability and authenticity. Her teachings are inspired by different schools and teachers but always blend with her own authentic personality and her own experience, understanding and wisdom. According to Merel this is what makes a true teacher: authenticity. Being authentic is the key to inspire others.

In the teacher trainings Merel will guide you in the process of finding your authentic teaching style to being able to beautifully inspire others. Since 10 years Merel has been studying Yoga and has been inspired by both ancient and contemporary teachers. Besides Yoga she has been studying Buddhism and uses the teaching and practices of both philosophies throughout her own life. Merel has a degree in Medicine and International Public Health, and after an international career in the health care sector she has given herself the freedom to dedicate her life to the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation. After some years of teaching in her hometown Amsterdam she now resides in India.

Bhavini Sharma

Bhavini Sharma

Lead Trainer

Bhavini’s lifestyle, growing up in India, has always been sustained by asanas, pranayama and meditation. She, however, made a regular practice after an emotionally rough period few years back and since then, she has never looked back. The asanas, breath work and chanting led her to a breakthrough and she underwent a complete transformation which she believes will cBhavini Sharmaontinue for years to come. The contentment that she derived from these practices guided her to share her knowledge with those who seek the same. She is a young spirit full of wisdom, cheerful, and extremely grounded at the same time.

She has learnt under various teachers across India and blends the teachings to share a session designed to suit present moment, mood and level of the practitioners. She emphasizes on alignment while teaching Hatha yoga and breath work during Vinyasa Kramas. Always a student of life and yoga, Bhavini strives to strike balance in her own life which is also the intention for most of her classes, to help her students compensate what’s missing from their lives off the mat– movement, awareness, and deeper understanding of the consciousness.

Manjeet Mathur

Manjeet Mathur

Meditation Teacher

Manjeet is born and brought up in India and has been travelling since seven years through the country seeking inspiration from different teachers. He has been a professional dancer, fitness enthusiast and intuitive since an early age. After a serious accident in the gym he suffered from a slipped disc. Through physiotherapy and stretching exercises, he was introduced to yoga and has been practising continuously since then.

Life changed for him when he found ‘his’ teacher guiding him through heart meditations and conscious breathwork. Since then, he has been sharing a wonderful combination of Hatha yoga, heart meditations, dance therapy and massage techniques.

He believes love and compassion are the only religion and life is a celebration of one’s own authentic self. He stresses the fact that even though each single session of his is transformational, the real yoga begins off the mat and in everyday life with our health, relationships, work and time alone. His motto: bring more love to each present moment through breath awareness and conscious actions.

Anna-Carin Tall

Anna-Carin Tall

Yoga Trainer

Anna-Carin Tall was born and raised in Sweden. She got introduced to yoga years ago, but at first regarded it as a physical practice replacing horseback riding. After a few years of asana practice she felt that more was happening to her then only physical improvement: she became calmer, stronger and more accepting towards herself and people around her. With that awakening she decidAnna-Carin Talled to take it to the next level and traveled to India to continue studying yoga.

She teaches with the intention to bring people closer together through the path of yoga. To Anna-Carin, teaching yoga is a real blessing as it enables her to bring more awareness to people living increasingly stressful lifes. She shares with them how to turn your attention inwards and be more gentle to yourself, everyone and everything around you. “Yoga is something you practice in everything you do, not only on your mat.”


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