There is one thing very close to my heart right now and that is Recovery. 

Recovery from what ever suffering is occurring in your life; addiction, intense self criticism, financial woes.
I have  a lot of personal experience In this area. 
I have battled with an eating disorder for many years and as a result of not dealing with it I turned to another vice. As a young woman when you express that you have a substance abuse issue its not easy to be heard. It’s  culturally acceptable to just “enjoy” and not be held accountable to what you are doing or be taken seriously.
An eating disorder- I dislike saying “disorder” because I personally feel it is related to imbalance that is occurring in our mind and body. Not a “disorder”. Yoga has helped me the most with coming to terms with this. I’ve gained immense appreciation for what my bones, muscles, skin and spine can do- I love it, body love! 
Gaining strength, flexibility and confidence– it opposes an eating disorder because we GAIN positive things. Gaining is the enemy of an eating issue so let’s confront it head on with yoga!
In retrospect I’m grateful for going through these experiences. I have learned a lot about how people deal with their suffering. It’s enabled me to develop my compassion.
All that has happened has thought me about the importance of finding what makes your heart sing and rolling with it- for me it was yoga, and trust me I resented it at first because it was such a challenge. It really has transformed my whole perspective on; disease, addiction, and what it truly means to be happy.
It takes courage, and sometimes frustration but when the change overwhelms all your pain and the feelings of sorrow start to dissolve. joy takes its place in you 🙂
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