Accepting Change

One of the qualities that you will develop practicing yoga & meditation is equanimity. It is a quality that is essential to  your yoga practice and paradoxically it is the same quality that is a direct outcome of your practice.

Meditation teacher training.

Equanimity means: not grasping onto something pleasurable and not having an aversion towards pain.

So it is dual in it’s nature. A faulty conclusion which is often drawn from this definition is that one is not allowed to have any pleasure, not to enjoy having good food or wearing finely made clothes. Many people start thinking that they should deny any feeling of excitement, that they cannot rejoice in something beautiful happening.

This is an absolute misunderstanding. Yes, we can definitely enjoy good food, beautiful music, watching a young child immersed in play, having a good dance or an evening out with friends. That is good and it is important. It is important to appreciate the beautiful things that this live gives us.

The ‘trick’ however is to be very aware of the object or situation that is creating those pleasurable feelings. And even more important it is to realise the ‘nature’ of that object and/or situation and realising that it is not everlasting. Realising that the moment will pass, that the object might disappear at some point or change.

Maybe it is your partner making you feel in a certain way. But certainly that partner can be the cause of a fight or pain at some point. Why is it important to realise this? So that you do not get overly attached to it and fall into sadness or even a depression if this person, situation or object changes or disappears from your life.

So enjoy good moment, beautiful people and be prepared for other times as well; accept change!

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