One of the most amazing things about organising the yoga & meditation teacher trainings is the great variety of people from many amazing cultures that come together. For one month, going through a life changing experience together. It is great to learn about other cultures and realising certain conditioning, behaviour and thought patterns that you have hold for the truth are simply a ‘cultural habit’.

At the start of the training many students feel insecure about their ability to teach as their native language is not English. I have seen many teachers now and know for sure that being a good teacher  has very little to do with the ability to express yourself in words. Sure, it can help a good deal and it helps in bringing information across. However, your presence, non verbal communication and generally ‘vibe’ that you spread says so much more.

This month I was made aware of this fact again by one of our students from Taiwan: Lan Wen Chiung, or Nono for friends. His English speaking skills are really not the best, but his communication skills otherwise are great! You start smiling as soon as he sits on the mat. His voice is deep and carrying and using only sentences consisting of maximum four words, everybody understands what to do. He has create sequences, good adjustment and a pure positive intention.  His laugh is the best. One of the other students said: Nono, can I please capture your laugh in a jar and then when I am home I can open it up and listen to your laughter 🙂

Today he is leaving back home and he just taught his last meditation class, as part of the practical exam. Specially for this occasion he wrote down some inspiration words in Chinese. His message is that we should always do meditation as it brings hope in your life. Very often we are busy with family, with work, in the city, with our boyfriend or girlfriend. But you can do a meditiation every where, if only for two minutes. And, he concludes: Never forget that your best best best friend is yourself.


Merel Martens

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center aiming to spread the beauty and benefits of yoga with everyone. For Merel, Yoga is awareness, both on the mat and in everyday life. Classes and teachings serve as an inspiration when stepping into daily life.

All points of view are welcome, even contradictory ones ? All we expect is that you put your point across in a civil manner.

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