the first weeks in anatomy we were going over the skeleton, muscles and other tissues in the body as well as their functions. now we are starting to learn/repeat the body systems like function of the heart, lungs, oxigen exchange in the body etc. merel who studied medicin and ayurvedic medicin is perfect cast for this job. she is drawing lots of pictures on the board to make it all understandable for us. lots i learnt in school already, but when i was 12 or so..
so this helps me alot not only to understand my body and its functions, but also to see how asana postures work or where/what can be the limitations. further more i am distancing myself more from my body as i deal so much with its structure – am i a hamstring? am i a lung?


parimukti yoga

Parimukti is an organisation dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every single individual who wants to explore this wonderful ancient techniques in-depth. Parimukti is a self -challenging growth oriented practice which will ultimately lead to a life transforming experience.

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