The choice to join our Yoga Teacher Training is choosing to committing yourself to change your life. Together we start a new chapter that goes along with intense and confronting processes. So.. after a couple of weeks into the training it is time for a day off. This time we choose to visit the Norbulingka Institute, a beautiful institute dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan art and culture. After roaming around for a bit i found most of the students enjoying their well deserved rest at the comfortable couches at the second floor ūüôā

Merel Martens

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center aiming to spread the beauty and benefits of yoga with everyone. For Merel, Yoga is awareness, both on the mat and in everyday life. Classes and teachings serve as an inspiration when stepping into daily life.

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3 powerful ways to overcome negative emotions with awareness and attention. ‚Äď Parimukti · 6, October, 2014 at 8:05 pm

[…] lives are emotional roller coasters. Sometimes full of ecstatic moments of excitement and joy and at other times filled with¬†¬†endless valleys of mind numbing sadness. Some of these emotions […]

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