A state in which opposing influences or forces are balanced

Finding a point between giving and recieving is challenging.
After much joy and self observation, this month thought me the importance of finding your own balance.
It’s very easy to slip away into the past or find yourself anxiously projecting about the future.
But what is happening now in the present moment? 
We lose, ignore and forget it so easily.. throwing away our foundation for daily life…
So here comes the goal of finding the balance.This moment exists in every yoga class and in my opinion it’s why asana is so helpful-  it teaches you to stay in the present, it points out your struggles in basic movement and shows you the moments where change can occur. Self observation naturally becomes present.
In reflection of the past weeks I think that what has been most prominent  is balance- in every form; from our toes to the crown of the head. The Balance Of pressure between our fingers to even the eyebrow centre.
Bringing awareness to every part of ourselves is so powerful. 
    Merel and I finding some balance !!  
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