Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat

All of us need some time away from our daily lives and routines sometimes. Time to reflect on ourselves, to honestly look at our routines and habits. Time to realise and to change. This process needs seclusion and it needs silence. Only without distractions and daily responsibilities can you go deeply within and work with the body and understand the mind. Responding to this need we organise monthly Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreats.


The meditation sessions
You will be guided through a couple of meditation sessions every day, which will help you gaining insight and understanding your thought patterns. Through this process you learn what kind of conditioning and attachments have been ruling your life so far. Through this gradual and deep understanding you can start to make changes and make your life more joyful. It is not necessary to sit cross legged throughout the meditation sessions. You are allowed to stretch in between and use a chair

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat

The Yoga classes
The yoga classes support the cleaning and purification processes. Stretches of the physical body help opening up the body, which have profound effect on the mental level as well. During the yoga classes you are guided through postures and breathing exercises. You do not have to be flexible in order to join the classes, they are suited for everybody

The Philosophy classes
The mediation and yoga classes are alternated with philosophy to make us understand the nature of our mind and how we can make our lives more purposeful. We do not restrict ourselves to any particular belief system and philosophy and rather use ancient and wise teachings from the Yoga, Samkhya and Buddhist tradition. Also more contemporary teachers like Krishnamurti, Osho are used as sources of wisdom and inspiration

Silent Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Who is this retreat suitable for?
This retreat is suitable for anyone that wants to seriously learn about themselves and that wants to connect to their deeper self and their purpose in life. For anyone that is not afraid to confront themselves and who is looking for changing their lives.

This retreat is part of the Level 1 Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training, and anyone joining the retreat may decide to stay on and join that Training. This silent retreat is part of the Yoga Teacher Training, as we believe that one can only share and teach properly and authentically if it comes from deep self understanding and experience, through self investigation and self practice. Many students embark on the path of becoming a (yoga)teacher before properly understanding the vast practice and philosophy. This retreat is specifically suited for experienced teachers as well that want to take time for their own practice, ‘recharge their battery’ and take inspiration.

The retreat is set up in such way that both beginners and ‘advanced’ practitioners of yoga and meditation can join. Everyone works according to their own limitations and capabilities.

Our centre
Living in a simple, yet deeply nourishing environment, eating healthy organic food is equally important. Our center is surrounded by greenery and nature and we aim to live in harmony with our environment. Karma Yoga is part of this program by devoting little time every day to running the centre

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat


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