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Written by Estella Vall

The Bhagavad Gita’s yoga is something nearly every human participates in, to one degree or another, in one form or another. But people just don’t know it.

These are the characterizations Krishna gives to yoga in the Bhagavad Gita:

  • Clear, discerning, totally voluntary, dynamic participation in one’s life.
  • Everlasting, primal, revealing, the archetypal light and fuelled by love.
  • Sacrifice that elevates us, motivates us, informs us, actively engages us and in a manner that is harmonious to all other living beings.
  • Selfless, cleansing, freeing, balancing, inspiring and joyfully performed actions based on a vision in which one experiences peaceful interconnectedness with all life around them.
  • Nourished in the company of other yoga practitioners, by offerings of love, and the understandings they give rise to.
  • Heightened sensitivity and awareness of all life around us and within us, and an outpour of love in reciprocation with life’s wonder and beauty.
  • Fearless, illuminating and a journey that does not end with death.
  • Vision that excludes nothing from its practice.
  • Intimate connection with the whole universe, with eternal realms even beyond the manifested universe, and with our own being’s endless capacity to love.
  • Pure, determined force that moves us toward the mysterious and secret, and connects us with the wonderfulness of existence, of being and of all life.

//Picture Krishna:

Sophie Nusselder

My name is Sophie Nusselder. I started practicing and teaching yoga in 2008 and knew I started travelling a path that would change my life. Ever since my childhood I remember having a natural desire for physical movement. Born and raised on the Dutch countryside I loved to bike and hike in nature. The awareness of the breath in yoga made me connect with deeper layers. A fortification of magic in life! To me yoga means aligning. Yoga and meditation are tools to remove that what blocks me and allow space – the space of pure presence. By constantly returning to this space I discover what truth is and what is not. It’s direct communication, which results in pure clarity, free feelings, liberation and creativity. I experience yoga as a feeding of my deepest yearning, it creates challenges to develop myself and it works as a support in my inner pursuits.

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