Months feel as short as a week on a teacher training. Time goes so quickly. I came in April and its now September. It was cold and wet, now its like a european summer. Bursting blue skies with a crisp breeze. Nature is really gifting us here and it has helped me a lot this past week. Bad news, bad health mixed with blunt Doctors! Seeing the sun everyday has really helped me. Its made me feel grateful. From Gratitude everything else comes quite easily.

Dharamkot Spring

So its the last day of another training. No course is ever the same. We always connect differently and deeply with everyone.
I always get caught in the midst of such mixed emotions at the end of a teacher training. Initially overwhelming sadness comes. Its hard to say goodbye to such beautiful spirits after spending so much time together. But even more present is joy- joy that your friends have achieved a goal of theirs and now they are ready to share that with others 🙂
Its hard to practice non attachment went you meet so many amazing people in your life!

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