At Parimukti we offer a number of different long term trainings as well as short term courses
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Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hrs

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Our Level 1 training is the perfect stepping stone to build a strong foundation to sharing and teaching Yoga and meditation


 Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Level 2

Yoga-Teacher-Training-Level 2
This training is suited for everybody that has completed our Level 1 training and all other experienced yoga and meditation teachers


Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers

An In-depth online course with our founder Merel Martens
yoga instructor, public health scientist and former medical student
Merel Teaching Anatomy class to students of Yoga Therapy

Merel Teaching Anatomy in a Yoga Teacher Training Class

Parimukti is now offering a new online course ‘Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners  Click for more details.


 Holistic Yoga Therapy Training


A short term course for students and teachers of yoga that want to deepen their practice and improve their teaching skills by learning about the therapeutical application of asana, pranayama and meditation


Meditation Training Intensive


Our Most popular 5 weeks Meditation Training

Our Meditation Training practice helps you take your yoga deeper.

It transforms your own  practice, your teaching, and your life as well as:

• A regular and trained meditation practice integrates mindfulness, asana
  and pranayama.
• You will develop a meditation practice that’s deeply grounded in your body and  one that is supportive in your mental growth
• You will be able to cultivate physical, emotional and an awakening of your dormant energies
•  All our meditation teachers are self practitioners from a long time so they are be able to answer your questions from the point of being loving guides who have faced the same challenges that you might come across.
• During the meditation training you will explore the philosophical, historical, and practical intersection of the yoga, mindfullnes, non-duality vedanta and stoic. traditions.
• You will be able to learn to practice and teach yoga in its true context–as a path to living in awareness.



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